Published research
Žukauskienė, R., Truskauskaitė-Kunevičienė, I., Gabė, V., & Kaniušonytė, G. (2020). “My Words Matter”: The Role of Adolescents in Changing Pro-environmental Habits in the Family. Environment and Behavior, 0013916520953150.

Publications we are working on right now.
Balundė, A., Jovarauskaitė, L., & Poškus, M. S. (rebuttal, 3rd round). Exploring Adolescents’ Waste Prevention via Values-Identity-Personal norms and Comprehensive Action Determination Models. Submitted to Journal of Environmental Psychology.

Balundė, A., Perlaviciute, G., & Truskauskaitė-Kunevičienė, I. (rebuttal, 1st round). Testing the role of general environmental considerations in explaining environmental behavior of adolescents. Submitted to Frontiers in Psychology: Environmental Psychology.

Balundė, A., & Perlaviciute, G. (in preparation). The compatibility of adolescentsand their parents pro-environmental behavior determinants: evidence from representative household study in Lithuania. Target: Environment & Behavior.

Truskauskaitė-Kunevičienė, I., Kaniušonytė, G., Poškus, M. S., Balundė, A., Gabė, V., Jovarauskaitė, L., Ozdemir, M. (2020). Testing the components of the intervention program “Aquatic” targeted at the reduction of bottled water use in adolescence by using the factorial experiment. Manuscript submitted for publication (Evaluation and Program Planning)

Mykolas Simas Poškus, Audra Balundė, Lina Jovarauskaitė, Goda Kaniušonytė, Rita Žukauskienė. Exploring adolescents’ bottled water consumption in light of a potentially contaminating ecological disaster. Manuscript in preparation.